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Certified Sales Cloud Consultant

Our Value Proposition for the Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Certification

  • Adaptive Bilingualism: We offer questions in both Spanish and English, allowing you to navigate your preparation with maximum linguistic flexibility.
  • In-Depth Content: You will have access to more than 200 questions, enriched with videos, links, and detailed descriptions, facilitating immersive and comprehensive learning.
  • Expert Supervision: You will be assigned a specialised tutor to monitor, guide, and optimise your responses and learning processes.
  • Authentic Experience: We prepare you in an environment that simulates the real exam, enabling you to familiarise yourself and practise with precision and confidence.

Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant: Optimise Your Preparation

Embark on a meticulous and personalised preparation to stand out in your Salesforce ‘Sales Cloud Consultant’ certification.

Our Approach

  • Exclusive Access: Begin your journey with a comprehensive set of carefully selected questions tailored to your success in Spanish and English.
  • Focused Study: Utilize resources that concentrate your attention and efforts on the essential components of certification.
  • Structured Feedback: Receive ongoing evaluations to refine your skills, enhance your responses, and move closer to your goals.
  • Continuous Support: We are here to provide you with the assistance and clarity you need at every stage of your preparation.
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Your success is our mission

What is correct in relation to the Opportunity Stages in the default sales process available in Salesforce? Choose 2 answers.

At Cloud Kicks (CK), each sales rep Is assigned a sales ops specialist and a sales engineer. CK wants to ensure that the assigned sales ops specialist and sales engineer have access to the correct Accounts. The organization-wide defaults (OWD) for Contact are set to 'Controlled by Parent'. Which solution should the consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

Success in Salesforce is just one step away.

Choosing us means opting for a preparation path that is up-to-date, diligent, and fully aligned with your aspirations and goals as a "Certified Sales Cloud Consultant."

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